Become a ChargedUp Venue

Your customers want to stay connected, and ChargedUp is the most convenient way to keep them charged – plus, it’s free!


Drives Footfall

Feature your venue on the ChargedUp map that’s accessed by every user

Enhance experience

Keep your customers connected and free up time for staff

Increase dwell time

ChargedUp’s portable power banks include cables for all types of phones, giving you the freedom to charge on the go.

Increase customer spend

The longer customers are in your venue, the more they’ll spend


Pricing & Features

ChargedUp Stations are FREE!

We install, manage and maintain the stations at no cost to you. Leaving you to continue running your venue. There is no complicated on-boarding or installation process, we simply plug the station in and our app educates the users.

Plug and Play

ChargedUp stations simply require a plug socket and can be set up in under 5 minutes.

Green Solution

Through a partnership with Octopus Energy we offset all energy used with green energy

Portable Power

Users can charge their phones at their own convenience, providing a better experience

Self Service

Our stations are fully automated, leaving your staff to do what they do best

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