How do I rent a ChargedUp battery?

You must first download the ChargedUp app via the App store or Google Play store. Once you have created an account through the app, you can then locate a ChargedUp station and simply scan the QR code on the side of the station. This will then release a battery for you to use.

I have a ChargedUp battery, how do I use it?

The ChargedUp battery is the same as most traditional battery power banks, ChargedUp batteries come with inbuilt cables. You do not need to have your own cable to use a ChargedUp portable charger. For USB C and Micro USB, disconnect the cable on the left and plug into your phone. For lightning port disconnect the cable on the right. If you still have any issues please contact in app support.

How does the O2 Priority benefit work?

All O2 users that have the priority app installed will get 1 hour of ChargedUp for free, every day! This means that such an O2 user can use ChargedUp for 24 hours and only get charged £2. This is only available to O2 priority users.

How do you check the charge level of the battery?

Simply shake the battery to see the battery level and you will see the charge level via 3 blue LED lights on the front of battery.

How much is a ChargedUp battery to rent?

A ChargedUp battery costs just 50p per 30mins of charge. This will add up until you hit 3 hours use (£3) and then you will get the remainder of the day for free! Following this you will be charged £3 per 24 hours of use. This will continue for a maximum of 10 days (£30) when you have effectively purchased the battery.

How much is a ChargedUp battery to purchase, what benefits do I get?

You can decide to purchase a ChargedUp battery for only £30 through the app. This will give you the ability to exchange and swap your battery as many times as you need, within our network of ChargedUp stations for a period of 1 year, at no additional cost.

How do I return a ChargedUp battery?

Once you are done using a ChargedUp battery simple push the battery into an available slot in a ChargedUp station. Make sure to push down hard and wait for the confirmation sound and notification through the app.

What is the difference between renting and purchasing a ChargedUp battery?

Renting a ChargedUp battery means you will only pay for the amount of time you use the battery. If you purchase a ChargedUp battery you will get unlimited use of our network for 1 year for no additional cost.

What happens if I don’t return a ChargedUp battery?

You will continue to pay a daily rate for renting a ChargedUp battery until you reach 10 days. Once 10 days has passed you will become a subscriber to our ChargedUp network and will be able to swap your battery within our network for just £1 per swap.

What happens if I lose the ChargedUp battery?

If you lose the battery you will be charged £30, 10 days after your rental. You will effectively purchase the battery that you misplaced. If you want more information about this please speak to a member of the team via the in app customer support

My ChargedUp battery does not charge my phone, what do I do?

First, make sure your ChargedUp battery is switched on by shaking the battery (you will see the blue LED lights turn on). Then make sure that the cables are connected properly to your mobile device. It is advisable to take off thick phone/device cases to allow the charger fit perfectly into your device. If it still fails to charge your phone then please contact a member of the team via in app support.

How is ChargedUp powered by green energy?

Every time you use a ChargedUp battery pack, your phone will be powered by renewable sources like the sun and the wind. To offset the power consumed by the packs, we buy renewable certificates from generation sites around the UK (mostly, ones that are close to home for ChargedUp, like Bridgewater). In fact, we’ve bought enough to cover ChargedUp’s energy load ten times over. If you want to read more about how Octopus guarantees 100% renewable electricity, head over to their blog.

What happens if I can’t return a battery?

When returning a battery make sure to push down hard on the top of the battery so it locks in place securely, you will then hear a voice letting you know of your successful return and also a notification through the app. If the battery locks into place but fails to properly return then please reach out to our in app customer support. If the station is full please locate your nearest ChargedUp station and return it there at your convenience.

What happens if there are no batteries available at the ChargedUp station?

If there are no batteries available at the station within your venue then you can find the other nearest station via the app. There should always be 2 or 3 within easy walking distance from each other!

How many times can a ChargedUp battery charge up my phone?

A ChargedUp battery holds 6000mAh of charge. Depending on which phone model you have you should be able to get up to 2 full charges.

Can a ChargedUp battery charge my other devices?

Yes! The ChargedUp battery can charge any device which uses the following cable Lightning (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Micro USB (Android Phones, Cameras, GoPro, Wireless Headphones etc) or USB-C (Newer Android devices).

Can I charge my ChargedUp battery at home or not using the station?

You can plug in an power adapter into the micro USB port on the side of the ChargedUp battery to charge it from home.

How do I find a ChargedUp station?

ChargedUp stations can be found in a mix of venues across London including Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels etc. All ChargedUp stations will be able to be found through our app, we will direct you to the nearest station. Alternatively look out for our ChargedUp stickers on the outside of participating stores or you can ask staff if they have a ChargedUp station!

How long does it take to fully charge my phone?

Our ChargedUp batteries have quick-charge technology built in which allow most phones to be fully charged in just over an hour. The exact time is dependent on which phone and model you own.

Can I use a prepaid card to pay for the service?

Yes, this is perfectly fine as long as your card has suitable credit.

Can I use cash to pay for the service?

Unfortunately not, our service can only be used via electronic payment using a suitable debit or credit card.

Can the battery charge multiple devices at a time?

The ChargedUp battery can charge an android and an Apple device at the same time. You can use the cables simultaneously but it will increase the time it takes for your device to charge.

Are the ChargedUp batteries waterproof?

Our battery is only splash proof and so is not fully waterproof. If you drop your ChargedUp battery in water please contact support immediately.

What happens if I rent the power bank and there is no cable or damaged cables?

If there is no cable present you can report this via the app and return your battery

What do I do if I am overcharged?

Please contact our support team and we will happily help you out.

Why do I need to use my credit/debit card when I have bonus credit?

In order to rent a ChargedUp battery you must first upload a credit/debit card to authorise your identity and just in case the battery does not get returned we have a form of payment for a deposit.

Can I rent more than 1 ChargedUp battery at a time?

You can only currently rent 1 ChargedUp battery at a time.

How do I know how long I have had the battery for and how much it has cost me?

This information is shown within the app, as soon as you rent a battery a time is shown with the exact cost as it accumulates. This is available on the home screen.

What do I do if I rent a battery that isn’t fully charged?

The ChargedUp station will never release a battery unless it is above 70% charged. If one is released with insufficient charge then please contact our support team.

Is there an age restriction when using this service?

You must be old enough to own your own bank account with sufficient funds to use our service.

The ChargedUp app is not working. What should I do?

Please delete and refresh the app or give it a hard reset, by closing it and opening it again. If this doesn’t work then please contact the support team and we will look into this for you.

I have not received a verification code for the app. What should I do?

Make sure you have signal on your phone, if this still does not come through, please contact support via the ChargedUp website to speak to a member of the team on www.chargedup.green

When do I get charged for using a ChargedUp battery?

Your payment details will be charged on a daily basis for however long you rent a ChargedUp battery for.

How do I report a faulty battery?

You can report a faulty battery to customer support via the in app chat

What do I do if I cannot release a battery from the station?

Please reach out to our support team and we will happily sort this out for you.

What do I do if the station I want to return my battery to is full?

If the station is full look on the ChargedUp app to find the nearest charging station to return your battery.

Can I take a ChargedUp battery abroad?

Yes, you can take a ChargedUp battery abroad.

Is it possible to reserve a battery?

You cannot currently reserve a ChargedUp battery.

How do I top up My Wallet?

To top up your wallet, head to My Account (top left corner when you open the ChargedUp app). Click ‘My Wallet’, click ‘top up’ to add money to your account.

If I am issued a refund how long will it take?

After a refund has been approved by a member of the support team we hope to have the money in your account after 5-8 working days. What happens when my usage exceeds my wallet balance? When the usage exceeds your wallet balance the difference will be charged to the card you have registered on the app.

Will the money in my account ever expire?

No the money will never expire from your account.